Description:   Old postcard: Wheatland Motel, Martinsburg, WV  

Era: chrome

Postally Used: no

Size: Old Standard Size


  • Government Postal Card
  • Pioneer (1893-1898)
  • Private Mailing Card (typically 1898-1901)
  • Undivided Back (1901-1907)
  • Divided Back (1907-1915)
  • White Border (1915-1930)
  • Linen (1930-1945)
  • Chrome (1939-Present day)

I take high megapixel photos of my cards and the zoom feature lets you see the full detail and condition of the front of the card. If you are interested in the back (and I didn't provided one) of the card (specific postmark, stamp, scene description, message, address, etc) please let me know.

I ship all cards for free, within the US.  The cards are placed in sleeves and then placed in rigid plastic postcard holders.

Please pay via paypal within 5 days. Thank you.

Postally unused means not sent through the mail, but it still may be stamped, addressed or have other hand writting on it. Postally used, means sent through the mail and it has a postmark date/stamp on it.

I pride myself on quickly getting your postcard packed and in the mail in less than 24 hours. But, please keep in mind that I have no control over how long the U.S.P.S. takes to actually get it to you. With all of their processing center and post office closures, mail is taking longer than ever to get to people. And for my friends in other countries, it could take up to 4 weeks to get to you from the time I put it in the mailbox.

If this is a listing that I have several of the same card available, generally I take a picture of the "worst" looking card, but send the nicer ones until the very last card available is the one pictured. Therefore there might be slight differences in the card you receive from the one pictured for MULTIPLE QUANTITY LISTINGS ONLY. All other listings with only 1 card, you get the postcard pictured.